The Luxury of Time


Empty VIP movie theatre


Being retired means enjoying the luxury of being able to do what you want, and when you want to do it. As a result, you have the freedom to jump into the passing lane and join the harried masses to do your groceries on a Saturday, or take a more relaxed route and shop on a mid-week seniors’ discount day.

We recently experienced a great example of benefiting from this. It was my birthday and Michelle asked me what I wanted to do. It had been a long time since we’d been to a movie theatre so I suggested we do that. There was a newish movie complex that had opened in the past few years as a part of a new multi-use development featuring market areas, business, dining, entertainment, sports, residential (you get the picture), and I’d not been there yet.

The theatre offered a VIP experience and we’d never tried that despite the fact that all four of our girls who live elsewhere in Canada had already experienced this exact venue! I went online, found an interesting movie, and purchased two tickets in the dead centre of the theatre. The tickets were for a Saturday showing and I chose the matinée showing so as to avoid any impact with dinner (granting enough time to digest all the popcorn to come)! As mentioned in the beginning of this post, one of the benefits of being retired and setting your own schedule is the freedom to “fit in” something like a matinée.

Long story short, we were quite pleasantly surprised by our experience.

When we got to the theatre, we were told that our parking was included in the price of our admission! Wait, it gets better. Upon arrival, we had an usher seat us (motorized recliners with swing-out arms like an airplane seat tray). Wait, there’s more. Our usher gave us menus offering actual food, not just popcorn, and even drinks. And the best part? The usher was our private personal server because... the theatre was empty apart from us! Yes, EMPTY!

We gave our orders and settled in. Unfortunately, Michelle’s chair didn’t fully recline; however, we simply shifted seats given that we had the ENTIRE THEATRE TO OURSELVES! Our orders arrived, the lights dimmed, and we got swept away in our private viewing of the blockbuster! We even turned off our iPhones, despite no need to, as we couldn’t have disturbed other moviegoers had we even danced in the aisles (thought did cross my mind).

It was a incredible experience and while we may have paid more for our tickets since it was my birthday, we had no idea what a special surprise it was going to be. Retirement itself presents new opportunities. Don’t be hesitant to try new things, you’re in a wonderful position to have a special experience.

Seniors discounts aside, have you experienced a retirement adventure where you had a similar happy surprise? Share your good luck story with us in the comments below!