Souvenirs of travel adventures


Routes of several cities’ runs


I’ve taken to setting a goal for my travel adventures. No, not the number, cost, or continents of the destinations although all are important. But rather, my collecting of souvenirs.

Some people may prefer to mark their travel to a destination with a fridge magnet, a collectible teaspoon, or a case of traveler’s diarrhea, but my personal preference is to do a run through one or more areas of the place we’re visiting, conditions permitting. Not a major run, just 5 to 10k or so. For me, the important thing is to experience the local sights, in combination with some exercise.

I record my run with my Garmin tracker (an old Forerunner 405CX) and upload it to Garmin Connect. I sometimes use my Apple Watch to record my run but I like storing all of my activities in a single repository and for me that means many years in Garmin. I recently gave Michelle a Garmin Forerunner 35 for her birthday. Incredible how technology has changed... Michelle’s FR35 is better than my good ole Garmin in every aspect and then some, and at a fraction of what I paid for mine. I may need to consider upgrading!

There are numerous websites that can help in recommending routes to satisfy whatever your desires may be, such as difficulty, distance, terrain, sightseeing, etc. A great little online resource that I’ve used in a couple of cities is Great Runs. It’s simple and includes useful information about iconic landmarks. For greater functionality in addition to routes, such as tracking other activities, integration with your device (Garmin, Apple Watch, phone), and an integrated app, you may find MapMyRun to be an excellent choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fitness fanatic... but I am a fan! If you’ve read our post on Retirement has a new job for you… Exercise, then you already know where I’m coming from. If not, I highly recommend checking it out, and fight decay (you’ll see what I mean!).

I’m looking forward to collecting some souvenirs in Europe in the future; however, I may opt for “swimming-type souvenirs” in the Maldives next year.

Do you collect non-typical souvenirs in your travels? If so, let us know, share with the ORA community. We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.