Introducing Our Retirement Adventures

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Logo of (ORA)


Hi There! Welcome to Our Retirement Adventures (ORA). We are Michelle and John, a couple in our 50s living in Central Canada, who are half-retired. John retired in May 2018 with that lottery ticket win called a defined benefit pension. Michelle is holding out on retirement – for what we haven’t quite figured out yet. 😏

When John retired a year ago, it was to a different retirement than what he had been planning for most of the past 15 years. For the twenty years before Michelle showed up, John was a single Dad raising his 2 daughters. His retirement vision was spending his days solo scuba diving in the Caribbean.

That was, until 5 years ago when Michelle saw his picture on an online dating site. She liked his sense of humour and how he wrote about his daughters. He was pretty hot looking as well. 😉

Michelle was also a single Mom of two daughters, having been widowed at 46. Her life revolved around her daughters and work until she met John. Retirement really wasn’t in the picture. In fact, it was probably on the first date that she told John she would never retire.

The rest is history, as they say. Married in December 2016, we went about creating a new life together. Each of us sold the homes we had lived in for 25 years, bought our “forever home” and went about creating a new family of six. John, Michelle and 4 young adult daughters.

And then May 2018 arrived and John retired. Michelle, having said she would never retire, kept working as she always had. Over the year that followed, we talked a lot but didn’t really figure out what our combined retirement vision is.

So… we decided to figure it out by trying different things to create the kind of retirement life we want. Kind of like we tell our kids, except in reverse. “Go try a bunch of jobs and careers until you figure out what works well for you. Then settle in to the career you want.” Well, we’re going to go try a bunch of different “adventures” to see what our retirement life will look like.

Join us as we explore exciting ideas and design our retirement life. The purpose of is to collect and share information and offer ideas, tools, and resources to aid in designing and realizing the second half of your adult life (i.e. your retirement adventures). You can’t figure out what kind of retirement you want by sitting on the couch watching Blacklist and drinking wine... enjoyable though it is!