Our Retirement Adventures (ORA) Ground Rules

We’re sure we’ll forget something, so please consider this page to be a continual work-in-process. We’ll add and subtract from it as time goes by, so please keep checking in if you’re interested in how this website/blog will operate.


We’ll begin with what is obvious to us but possibly not to you (since you don’t know us).

We’re not professional life planners; however, we do plan and run our own lives! The opinions on this blog are ours and are just that — opinions. We do not give retirement advice. In fact, it’s impossible to do that as every retirement situation is different and we don’t know your situation. The blog is for entertainment purposes only and is never meant to be advisory. We’ll simply tell what we do and what our results are. Yes, we may have strong opinions, but this is never meant to be direct advice to anyone. What’s worked for us may or may not work for you. Your mileage may vary dramatically from ours!

Any information shared on ORA does not constitute retirement advice. The website/blog is intended to provide general information only and does not attempt to give you advice that relates to your specific circumstances. You are advised to discuss your specific requirements with an independent retirement adviser and/or life coach.

Earning Notice

At some point, there may be ads on this site. There may also be affiliate links (e.g. Amazon Associates Program), where you click on a link and we get paid a commission if you make a qualifying purchase. In the vast majority of these cases, your cost for buying is in no way any higher because you bought through our link, it’s simply a marketing cost from the company. But that’s not always the case. Our personal policy is that we do not include links for items we do not either use personally.

Privacy Statement

Assume you have no privacy here, or anywhere else on the Web. That’s our policy and it always seems to work. We do not share or sell our email list and we do not track people specifically (we will look at site-wide stats) on the site. Trust us, we have better things to do. But on the Internet, it’s wise to always assume someone is watching and behave as such.

Posting Schedule

Our plan is to post a good-sized article once a week. If we are particularly ambitious, we may go for two per week. We’ll play it by ear.


Comments can be a tricky thing as the anonymous nature of the Web sometimes seems to bring out the worst in some people. So here’s how we handle comments: 1) We moderate the comments and reserve the right to edit, delete, or not publish any comment, for any reason. In general, we want to encourage debate and conversation, but if you’re rude, vulgar, insulting, etc., your comment may be deleted. 2) We appreciate your comments and we read every one of them as they help us to form a mental picture of our readers. Because comments are moderated, they won't appear until after we’ve read them. 3) No commercial information will be published. 4) Any comment left here is our property and we can use it however we like. You recognize this fact when you leave a comment here.


All posts, comments, and anything else on this site are copyright by Our Retirement Adventures and not to be used without permission. All posts are © 2019, Our Retirement Adventures.


We reserve the right to change these and any other policies when and how we like. As we said earlier, please check back for changes if you have any questions. This post will be included in our site-wide footer section so it will be easy to find.


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